One believe that innovation can only be achieved by a very few, very creative design gurus. This baseline is a myth. Let’s change together our prism on innovation.

navigating ambiguities

When facing the current complexity and ambiguity in our businesses, analytical problem solving method tend to be inefficient to construct solutions. Ambiguity makes people feel uncomfortable. When the pace of change is fast, Design Thinking is a breakthrough process that name the unknowns, the fear to initiate rich forward thinking conversations.

Go experimental, get curious

Where you developing a new digital tool or working in a very traditional craftsmanship, look for inspiration outside of your own challenge. « What if » is the core question we are using repeatedly. Be willing to start in the unknown and learn.

develop your customer centric mentality

We are centered on humans. Being customer centric means using anthropologic tools to view the world through their eyes. We want to know that they say, but also what they feel and what they aspire to. We defer our judgement and put aside our assumptions about our customers to immerse in their live, to understand their joy and their pains. Enriched by theirs insights, we can engage with them.

Place small bets fast

We want to keep as many options open as long as possible in your design process. We are ready to experience at the lowest possible cost and quickly to get feedbacks from users. We select the most promising ideas and we look for information to invalidate them as quickly as possible. And then, we iterate.

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Our experience

We have in common our engineering background, rational approach, synthetic abilities. We have been structured throughout the methods of companies that are among the best in their respectives domains. We have broaden our capabilities along our Executive MBA journey, crossing the world to meet people and understand their views. We are entrepreneurs, not innovation theoretician. We are focused on opportunities, going forward and practical applications.


our mindset

We have a common passion for flying and for the enthusiast aviators that have open new skies for us. We are inspired by design which is both functional and at the service of human being. We are engaged in a future that must be sustainable and build on shared values making our engagement relevant for us and the people around.


Eric Stutzmann


Nicolas Eynaud de Faÿ

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