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Design Thinking is an opportunity

We unleash creativity and innovation within your organizations by infusing new methodologies.

We assist small and large companies, associations and public bodies in the training and facilitation of Design Thinking workshops. 

This method makes it possible to co-construct solutions focused on user needs in a very short time. It is perfectly fit for quickly launching products and services and testing them directly with future customers.



We offer you our experience in large groups and startups, our global network, as well as our ability to communicate fluently in English and French

Changing Culture

Integrate DT into your culture to innovate sustainably. We help you to get closer to the ways of thinking and functioning of Californian start-ups. To do this, we provide you an introduction to Design Thinking.

Improve your products and Services

By identifying your current problems, whether internal or external, we support your teams to find new and applicable solutions.

Create new products and services

Imagining the field of possibilities is not an easy task. We engage your teams in an observation and creativity process to help them develop original solutions.

Innovation and support for digital transformation

The environment evolves at the speed of sound, and the questioning of business models is permanent. We help your teams to rethink their operating methods. And to plunge both feet into digitization.

Support for start-ups

"Fail, but fail quickly" is a very common motto in the world of start-ups. The Design Thinking methodology is particularly suitable in a phase where testing and confrontation with customers are essential to move quickly. And far away.

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